rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Twenty-five

No energy left for this. It was 104 degrees Friday, and is still about 76 right now. Even after staying in the apartment all day with the air conditioner on I feel drained by the heat. Today is going to be hotter still, and then there will be four nights with lows near, at, or above 80 degrees, following triple digit days. This sort of weather provokes weirdness. Early Friday morning I had a very strange dream, which I actually remembered parts of. I rarely remember more than tiny fragments of dreams, and most I remember not at all. I wonder if I'll get another one with my next sleep?

Dinner was a leftover half can of chili beans and a toasted crust of French bread. I have better stuff to eat, but can't cook it in this weather. I'm not sure when it will be only tolerably hot again, as it isn't in the current long range forecast. The lowest high predicted for the next two weeks is a 96, and that won't be until a week from next Thursday. Nocturnal lows won't drop below 70 until a week from next Wednesday. We're in for a long siege. Oh how I long for one of those 80-degree days we usually get now and then this time of year. I wonder if I'll even live to see the next one?

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