rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Twenty-four

The official excessive heat warning has been issued for the region. Highs are going to be from 10 to 20 degrees above normal for August, and the nights will be much warmer than usual as well. Today is supposed to get up to 104 in Chico, with Friday night only going down to 73. Right now I've got the fan on and some windows open even though it only feels like about 72 outside. This may be the last night I get to do that for up to a couple of weeks. The upcoming nights are going to be too hot for me to turn off the air conditioner.

I have no idea what I'm going to do about the stuff I need from the stores. I hate to drag anybody out to do errands for me in this heat, and I'm certainly not going to be walking anywhere. I might just have to get somebody to take me to the nearby stores, as the longer trip to the supermarkets would be horrendous, or maybe I should say even more horrendous. I definitely do not approve of these meteorological goings on.

Speaking of meteors, I missed the Perseid shower again this year. They peaked last night, and some will still be visible for the next few nights, but probably not from the narrow confines of my back yard, and certainly not from my more spacious driveway and street, which are both flooded by nearby lights. Even the back yard has to contend with the washed out sky of the mini-metropolis. Chico is brighter now than the part of suburban Los Angeles I lived in when I was a kid was back then. At times like this I feel like cursing cheap electricity, but given how much I'll be needing the air conditioning over the next couple of weeks, I'm sure that would be tempting fate.

California's virus cases have been increasing again after a couple of weeks of decline. However, since there was a glitch with testing, something to do with a failed server at one of the main test processing centers causing reports of test results to be delayed, the decline might have been less than reported, and the current rise might also be just the statistics catching up and so not as bad as it seems. It's been another of the snafus that have become so characteristic of the Great American way of doing things. But perhaps the heat wave will bring another decline in transmissions, since so many people will be trying to avoid going out the heat and will just stay home. Gee, a silver lining. I'll bet deadly lightning will come shooting from the cloud inside it.

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