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Reset Eleven, Days Twenty-one and Twenty-two

Holy crap, I'm disintegrating. My attention span must be close to zero. I came to write today's entry and discovered that I didn't post the one I wrote yesterday. Thank goodness for LJ's "restore draft" option. I'll post it now and append something about Tuesday at the end.

Entry written early Tuesday morning

Monday turned out to be a crappy day. Aside from the enervating heat, and the resultant (in part) muddleheadedness, My bills didn't get mailed again. I know I got them out to the mailbox in time, as when I went out to check in the evening there was a new piece of mail for me. There were also the three letters I'd put out. The carrier hadn't bothered to pick them up, and they were quite visible. The guy must be even more inattentive than I am. Or he's just an asshole. Either way, I now have to find another way to get the bills mailed, as I am not putting them out in my mailbox again, and I'm certainly not hanging out at the street in the summer sun waiting for the guy to show up so I can put them in his hand.

That bit of disruption spilled over into a distracted failure to get the wheelie bins out for the trash collector until after eleven o'clock. I hate putting them out that late as I must pass by the windows o two apartments, dragging the noisy contraption along the uneven, aged pavement of the driveway. Then I couldn't concentrate well enough to make anything for dinner, so I ended up nibbling on a bag of Trader Joe's popcorn, which took the edge off my appetite, until now. And now I can't think of a thing to fix but the usual ramen, which I'm now running low on. I know this is all just trivial crap, but after three weeks stuck in this apartment during a heatwave, on top of the months I've been mostly stuck here because of the pandemic, it all just seems to loom much larger than it is.

Okay, I found a small chunk of cheddar cheese to fry, and while it certainly doesn't count as a meal at least it turned out nice and crispy, just the way I like it, and I'm sure there isn't enough cholesterol in it to trigger an immediate heart attack, and it's good enough to justify opening a bottle of beer, so I'm feeling just a bit better. Unfortunately the better is largely offset by the fact that another one of my loose crowns just popped off, so there's more dental work to deal with when (and if) I ever get around to it. So Monday's crappyness has spilled over into Tuesday. I should try to get to sleep before things get even worse. I'll have to figure out what to do about mailing the bills when (and if) I wake up. Fine work, 2020. Very much up to your usual standard.

Early Wednesday morning:

Although I woke up too early Tuesday, I was feeling somewhat energetic by afternoon, so I made plans to go out and mail my bills and visit CVS once the sun was very low and the day had cooled a bit. But around the time I would have gone, I had gotten a kink in my back. I decided to lie down for a few minutes to see if I could get it straightened out, and the next thing I knew I was waking up in full darkness. It was after eleven o'clock at night. So much for my outing.

Much of the time since then I have been queasy. I had finished off some cottage cheese for a late lunch, and I think it didn't agree with me. It seemed unwise to attempt eating more, so I just let things settle until a few minutes ago when I made two pieces of toast. There's nothing on them but butter, so I'm not expecting any further gastric problems as a result of eating it. Unless of course the bread, which is rather old, has something invisible growing in it.

Sometime today I absolutely must get those bills mailed. I probably shouldn't make plans to carry them to the distant public mailbox myself, though. My plans don't seem to be working out very well these days.

Oh, something I forgot to mention in the un-posted post for what happened Monday is that I got a visit from the census taker. I showed her the two different codes they sent me, told her that I'd filled out an online form for one of them, and showed her the confirmation code I'd gotten from that, but it turns out the census bureau has no protocol for dealing with such a situation, so I had to be censused yet again. If they end up giving California an extra person because of it, well, it's their fault. I've never claimed to be two people, and as far as I know, I'm not. I'll just put the whole experience down to the 2020 clustertrump. Sheesh.

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