rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Eighteen

There was dinner from a can tonight, which I guess is an improvement. It was a can of vegetarian chili beans, under which I put a layer of crumbled Tostito chips and on top of which I put grated cheese. Is that a balanced meal? It was certainly filling, and I probably won't feel like eating come morning.

I also seriously overslept Friday, and ended up not getting the bills out to the mailbox. They absolutely must go out today, so I really need to not oversleep again. It would help if my brain were not tangled in spider webs. I have no idea how the spiders got into my brain, or what they are living on in there, but I'm quite sure that this is what has happened. I miss the old days when my brain was only wrapped in cotton wool.

Two really hot, triple-digit days coming up Sunday and Monday, and today is going to be 99. The rest of the week will be in the nineties. The timing is quite bad. I was thinking I might go to the stores this week, and Monday would be the best day, but 101 wouldn't be the best temperature. This summer is being a trial. I expect I'll be found guilty and executed.

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