rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Sixteen

Although it was far less horrendously hot Wednesday than it has been for weeks, I still didn't go out and do anything. I'd really like to go to Grocery Outlet and get a couple of packages of donuts, but despite a fairly coolish evening I found I just didn't have the energy to make a stab at it. I'm so out of shape that simply going to the end of the driveway to check the mailbox left me winded.

However, the moderated weather did encourage me to actually use the oven, and I heated some frozen fish and chips for dinner. Protein! Not much, but still some. Of course that left dishes to be done, which I still haven't gotten around to. I might wash them tonight (AM Thursday) and I might let them sit until later tonight (PM Thursday.)

It's supposed to be a bit warmer today than Wednesday, and then rapidly spike up to triple digits Sunday and Monday. Naturally I'm not pleased. But it's August, so such things must be expected. Maybe we'll get more days in the mere eighties later in the month. For now, it's all nineties and triple digits for the next two weeks at least. I'm miserable just thinking about it.

I keep forgetting to take my vitamin D tablets with dinner. Maybe I don't actually need them, though. I've been sticking my nose out into the backyard by daylight now and then, and I'm pretty sure a sun that bright can give me a year or more worth in thirty or forty seconds. But right now those dishes aren't going to wash themselves. And I don't think I'm going to wash them either. My ribs are aching and I want to lie down, and at this hour that means I'll surely fall asleep. I guess I'll wake up to dirty dishes. And no donut. It's hard knock life.

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