rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Fifteen

I not sure what wants to kill me more— the sun, or these walls. Tuesday the walls had the edge, as the sun was not quite as hot as it has been, but the walls were definitely closing in to crush me. Today the sun is only expected to get up to 87 degrees, so I'm guessing the walls will be worse again, but by Friday the days will be getting hotter (and the nights warmer again,) so the walls will have their work cut out for them. It would be a terrible thing if they teamed up against me. I'd soon be dead for sure. But I won't worry about it, as I'm getting close to the point where I'd be better off dead. Some persistent aches have convinced me that I'm probably developing arthritis. Well, it is 2020, so I ought to have expected something a that sort.

My Internet went down for about half an hour Tuesday afternoon, which had me freaking out. I have no idea who to call if the cell phone hot spot goes away. That thought had never occurred to me before. Plus I had no idea if it was a problem with the wireless system or if it was something wrong with my phone. The fact that it came back after a while suggest that it was the wireless, but the event made me realize that if the phone itself does fail I'll be all the way up shit creek and paddle-free. I'd have no way of getting to a place where someone might be able to fix the phone, or where I could replace it, and there are no pay phones around here anymore, so I'd be unable to call anyone for help. This really makes me miss my landline.

I opened a can of soup for dinner. A can of soup is similar to a can of whoop ass, except you open it on yourself. My stomach is the part of me that got most thoroughly whooped, but that probably would have been the case with anything I ate, not just the soup. While I was eating I was wishing I had a slice of fresh bread to have with it, but now I'm thinking it might be just as well that I didn't. My stomach just doesn't like being fed anymore. I think it thinks it should retire. That would be bad news for the rest of me. But currently my tongue is winning the fight with my stomach, at least where beer and chocolate and melons and soup are concerned. It would also be winning where donuts are concerned, if I hadn't run out of those.

At the moment one thing that's hurting is my left elbow. I've got some ointment to put on it, but the smell of the stuff is not especially pleasant. If it isn't one thing it's another. I'm going to try to get to sleep. There'll be plenty of time for stuff to ache tomorrow.

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