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Reset Eleven, Day Thirteen [Aug. 3rd, 2020|03:53 am]
The only excitement Sunday was the late afternoon flurry of aircraft (about which I've already posted) which came to an end with sunset. I expect they'll be back very soon after dawn, as the fire they are dealing with had expanded to more than 1,000 acres by sundown, and is undoubtedly still growing. It only started at 4:15 Sunday afternoon. We can't smell it here, so the wind must be pushing it another direction. If it heads southwest it could get into a more populated region around Clear Lake, which could be quite bad. Anyway, I'm expecting that my sleep will be disturbed frequently today by those large planes flying over every few minutes, probably stating around six o'clock.

There was a desperation tuna sandwich for dinner. I still don't feel like doing any even moderately complex cookery. Neither do I feel like going out to buy a greater variety of foods that would give me a few more choices of simple meals. It's more than just the heat that's getting me down. I'm definitely feeling less energetic than I was even a few weeks ago, even without the heat. It has grown quite cool tonight, but still all I want to do is drag my sorry ass into bed and sleep. Especially when I know that sleep will be so soon interrupted by the roar of engines. I really need to sleep now. I feel sore and achy and old as hell.