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Reset Eleven, Day Nine [Jul. 30th, 2020|02:15 am]
Wednesday night dinner turned out to be a bowl of popcorn. Lunch was a cup of cottage cheese, and breakfast, as usual, a donut. There were also beverages, of course; orange juice, iced tea with milk, grapefruit juice, and beer. The beverages turn it all into a balanced diet, right? I certainly hope so, as I don't feel like fixing anything more elaborate anymore. Even the multiple steps of microwaved ramen bowls now tax both my patience and my energy. Maybe after the heat wave has gone I'll cook something again.

But wait. I will have a bit of chocolate before I go to bed, and the chocolate has almonds in it. I've heard that chocolate is full of nutrients, and almonds are supposed to be good for you, as long as you don't have a nut allergy, which I don't. Surely I could survive indefinitely on the diet I've had in the lat 24 hours, when you factor in the chocolate and the almonds? And I won't have to survive on it anyway, since the sun still intends to kill me soon. Overnight Tuesday and Wednesday it came very close to its goal. I'm pretty sure it removed every drop of water from my body, as before I drank my breakfast orange juice I felt like a desiccated husk. Had it not been for the orange juice I'm sure I'd have disintegrated into a heap of torrid dust within moments.

Nevertheless, I'm thinking about maybe making plans to make plan for the future. I have but three donuts on hand, which means I must fetch a fresh supply by Saturday night or I will be eating cookies for breakfast by Sunday. I do have cookies on hand, but I much prefer the donuts. The question is will I be able to rouse my sluggish self long enough to make my way to the petri dish of Grocery Outlet? That walk seems longer every time I make it, and of course such a walk provides the perfect opportunity for the sun to kill me. I must consider it,though. Having a donut for breakfast is one of the few things that remains from the routine I once had. If I lose what little remains of that routine I might as well just let the sun finish me off.

Even though I haven't been eating proper meals for several days, I have been using dishes, and they have piled up rather alarmingly. I should really get them washed before I go to sleep. Even if I start now it's going to be a close race between Morpheus and the kitchen sink. So I guess I should start.