rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Seven

Monday the sun failed to kill me again. I would step into the backyard, shake my fist at the sky and shout "not today, sun!" and duck back into my air conditioned apartment. I the sun is serious about killing me (and I'm sure it is) it will have to step up its game. It will have to arrange for a power outage, at least. When I went outside to take the wheelie bin to the street an hour after sunset, it was still so sultry out that, had the apartment gotten that hot from lack of air conditioning, I would surely have been dead within an hour. Most likely not even a cold bath would have saved me, nor any amount of fizzy lemonade. Yes, if the sun kills the power grid this week I'm doomed. But I doubt the sun has the satellites to do that. Do you, you ruddy old bastard?!

But the sun is long gone now (though lurking the other side of the planet, waiting to burst forth with rage in his hard yet gassy heart) and it is almost cool outside, and the darkness (such as it is in the mini-metropolis) is full of cricket chirps again. I'll probably get some sleep before the evil dawn arrives, and actually feel somewhat recharged even now. I intend to beat back the sun's blows again today, as long as the air conditioner holds up. I'll probably have to keep this up for only another month or so. There's a quite decent chance I might possibly succeed.

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