rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eleven, Day Six

The Sun tried to kill me again Sunday, and failed again. It will have plenty of chances to succeed in the coming days. Nights are now remaining in the low seventies, which makes nocturnal cooling of the apartment impossible. The heat that has accumulated in the insulation simply cannot be removed fast enough by circulating air that warm through the rooms. Sleeping is unpleasant, but there could be a slight respite Tuesday and Wednesday nights, when it will drop into the high sixties again, though the coming weekend and next week will once again bring sultry nights. The only way I could avoid them is if the Sun finally succeeds in killing me during one of the days. I don't know whether to cheer it on or not.

Despite the balminess (the most generous term I can afford the night's residue of solar effrontery,) it is not entirely unpleasant outdoors right now, being only slightly warmer than the air conditioned apartment. The crickets are in full voice, obviously enjoying the warmth. I do find their music pleasing, and I'll try to be happy for them, though what has brought them their delight is the source of my great discomfort. I haven't even had dinner yet, both my energy and my appetite having been much reduced by the weather. I'll try to rouse myself from this torpor long enough to gag something down before trying to get to sleep.

Butte County continues to be one of California's coronavirus hot spots, though still not as bad as the San Joaquin Valley. I'm not sure how long it is taking to get test results back, but if it's more than a couple of days then we are very unlikely to get the local outbreak under even moderate control for quite some time. Eventually I'll be needing groceries again, but I'm thinking I might arrange to have something picked up for me at one of the stores providing that service. I don't know what I'll do if we get another spike next fall, along with the usual flu season. After one of the least pathetic starts in dealing with the pandemic, California is looking more and more like the other sunbelt states, and this time it's the inland areas that are doing the worst. I wish the legions of valley peckerwoods would just fask the muck up, and quit partying for a while.

Anyway, rant done, for now. I have to eat something, and then a mystery novel awaits me, and a chunk of Belgian chocolate with almonds, and a bed that will be too warm, I'm sure, but at least it will be soft.

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