rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Foods

Sunday I forgot to buy mushrooms, so Monday evening I went to Trader Joe's, where they are cheaper than in the big supermarkets anyway. I waited until sunset, since it was so hot, and it was still pretty hot even after the sun was down, but walking was not quite as exhausting as it would have been earlier. As it seemed foolish to go all that way for one item, I also picked up a yellow squash, another giant candy bar, and a bottle of Kahlua, on which I was running low. This means I'm probably now set with everything I need until my donuts run out in eleven days. Or until I remember something that I've forgotten I need.

Now I find I've just muddled about for about three hours after totally forgetting that I was writing this entry. Too much excitement over the lat few days, I suppose. Too much excitement is as debilitating as too much boredom. Anyway, I need to got to sleep now, or try to. I've got a sultry week ahead, and need to be rested.

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