rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Ten, Day Five

This Sunday was well named, and all day I hid from its namesake, going out only when it had sunk low enough to leave my back yard completely in shadow. There I sat for a while, awaiting the dusk, and almost fell asleep again as I had on Saturday evening. Outside, it remained sultry for hours after nightfall, but it has now cooled enough that I can sit and listen to the crickets in reasonable comfort. There are quite a few more crickets this year than last year. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing at least five, two a bit north along the trail and three a bit south.

There are also quit a few daddy long legs spiders in the back yard this year, including a couple hanging around the porch light, right next to the back door. This pair keep stringing webs across the doorway, and I have to keep sweeping them down. I still sometimes get strands of web on me when I go in or out. and it's getting very annoying. I think a complete cleaning may be in order. I usually don't try to get rid of spiders altogether (except black widows) as I like having them catch the flying insects, but this pair have become such a nuisance that they really must go.

I keep forgetting to water the back yard plants, and a few are looking a bit wilted. It wouldn't do to have so many plants die on me, as they would make quite a mess, not to mention a fire hazard, and I'm sure the landlord would be displeased. Right now it looks a bit like a tropical jungle out there, and if the plant started dying and turning brown it would look more like, well, California. The heat even seems a bit easier to endure when there are a lot of green plants about. I'll try to remember to water them tomorrow... today, that is, since it's after three o'clock in the morning. I should actually be trying to get to sleep now.

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