rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nine, Day Four

It having been a Sunday I didn't even go down the driveway to check the mailbox. I definitely didn't go to Grocery Outlet and replenish my donut supply. The farthest I got from the apartment was just outside the back door, in the small part of the backyard that hasn't been taken over by enormous plants. I don't know what the deal is with those plants this year, but they are everywhere and they are huge. I can't identify them either. I suspect them of being an alien species, part of a plot to take over the Earth by some race of lizard people. I'm even starting to wonder if Taylor is part of the plot.

But then I haven't noticed plants taking over any other spots around here. And Chico seems an odd place to begin an invasion of the planet. Why not invade some place that's actually important first? Or at least some place with better weather? But then what do I know? I'm getting stupider all the time. Maybe the aliens like hot weather and obscure places that humans wouldn't expect them to be interested in. Maybe the tenants of the other apartments are all aliens in disguise, and they are just waiting for their giant plants to strangle me so they can have this apartment too. That would explain a lot. Well, no, it wouldn't really explain anything. But it could. Or not.

More days with highs in the nineties are coming this week, and then next weekend they will go up into triple digits again. My goal is to be insane and get committed to an institution with air conditioning and cable by the end of July. I will go running through the streets of Chico shouting "The aliens are here! Look a the size of their plants!" I wonder if anybody will notice?

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