rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Six

The cricket who was in or near my back yard last night is missing tonight. I can still hear crickets from down the bike trail in both directions, but none nearby. I hope my cricket didn't get eaten by some predator. There might be a bird nest in the large bush that tops the fence, and I wouldn't put it past a bird to be a cricket muncher. It's also possible that Taylor the lizard or his companion might eat a cricket, as insects are part of lizard diets. Anyway, I miss the loud chirps, which I was looking forward to having for a long time.

Tuesday was an irritating day, beginning too early and lasting too long, but also being very unproductive. Okay, it wasn't Tuesday that was unproductive, it was me, but I'm way older than Tuesday was, so I'm going to shift the blame anyway. It's my prerogative, for having survived so many other Tuesdays in my life. Now I've survived another one. Watch out, Wednesday. I'm in a mood.

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