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Reset Eight, Day Five [Jun. 30th, 2020|02:38 am]
Everything has been in such a muddle lately that a significant day passed by without me noticing it. Sunday, June 28th was the 19th anniversary of this journal. This will be entry 8,918. That's a lot of words. I wonder if they say anything? Maybe I should read some of it some day. I doubt if I'll live long enough to read all of it. Most of it is probably just weather anyway.

Speaking of stuff that happened a long time ago, when I woke up Monday morning I found myself trying to remember my first year of high school, and found that most of it is just gone. As I no longer have artifacts from that time, I have nothing with which to trigger memories, and not much prospect of finding anything that would. The very few fragments I do recall might be gradually extended, but although I spent half an hour or more lying in bed trying to do that, I made very little progress. I'm pretty sure I remembered quite a bit more of it as recently as two years ago. It's very strange to have chunks of your past dissolve away like that, unnoticed.

Recently there have been crickets chirping at night, but all of them have been some distance off. Tonight I went into the back yard and heard one quite nearby. It might be somewhere in the yard itself, secreted among the abundant plants, or it might be just on the other side of the fence. I sat and listened to it for quite some time, and found the sound so relaxing that I almost nodded off in my chair. It's cool again tonight, so I can have the windows open but sadly the cricket song doesn't carry into the bedroom over the noise of the fan, and the fan is essential. What I need is a cricket right under the bedroom window.

The monotony of being in the apartment is beginning to wear on me again. Five days is about the most I can do before I start getting irritable. I'm terrible at quarantine even with all those books to read. This is unfortunate, a Butte County (and indeed the entire region) has quickly gotten very bad at controlling the pandemic. Last time I looked a couple of days ago the county was up to 118 known infections. I checked tonight and it'sup to 168. We are rapidly catching up with the big metropolitan areas, though there is still some way to go. I'd like to see a downturn in new cases before I have to go shopping again, but I don't now how long that will be. It's not looking good, though.

[User Picture]From: daphnep
2020-06-30 10:04 am (UTC)
19 years! This makes me curious to go back and read a sampling of entires from 19 years ago. I’m such a fairly recent reader here, I have no idea what your life was like before the fire, let alone 19 years ago. Yeah—I won’t do it right now, but a little later, if the entries are still open I’m going to check that out.
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