rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Four

The hottest part of Sunday afternoon was quite tolerable in the shade. It got a bit breezy toward evening, and cooled off nicely once the sun went down. It's too bad Sunday was only a one-off. It will get back up to 91 degrees today, and highs will stay in the nineties all week. Nights should remain pleasant enough, though, which will make the days easier to get through.

The inside of my right cheek has a gouge out of it where I must have bitten it in my sleep. It was undamaged when I when to sleep early Sunday morning, but I found the gouge when I drank some orange juice after waking up. An unpleasant surprise, but most surprising is that it didn't wake me up when I bit it, or if it did I forgot about it. These days it might be either one.

As I've gotten older I've bitten myself more often. I'm sure it doesn't help that my cheeks have gradually begun caving in, edging up on those dangerous teeth. That's something I wasn't warned about. Aging is full of unexpected perils. I'm not sure the senior discounts are worth it.

But right now it's very late and I'm very tired and I'm going to sleep. I hope I don't re-bite myself.

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