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Shopping Day [Jun. 23rd, 2020|03:35 am]
Braving both heat (it was over 100 degrees) and pandemic (it looks like close to a 20% increase in cases for this county in the last few days) I went to two stores Monday and now have orange juice, donuts, and lemonade, among other items of both food and drink. Among the imbibables is a 12 pack of Firestone Walker 805, a blonde ale imported all the way from San Luis Obispo county, and usually out of my price range. Although launched as a local craft brewery in 2012, the outfit was so successful that it was bought by a large Belgian company in 2015, so technically I guess it could be called a European product even though it is still produced in Paso Robles. Global Capitalism. At least I got it on sale for less than a buck a bottle, and it's pretty good stuff.

The heat wave may turn out slightly less horrendous than originally predicted. Friday's 110 degree high has been revised downward to 107, and the hottest day predicted is now Thursday, at 108. After that it returns to double digits, with next Monday predicted to reach a mere 88 degrees. Plus the nights will be getting a bit cooler again, dipping into the sixties instead of the low seventies. Tonight is to be 72, which means the air conditioner will probably have to stay on all night again, since 72 outside means it's unlikely to get below 77 in here without mechanical help.

One thing I didn't get enough of today is Sierra Nevada porter, so I'm planning on making a quick run to CVS in the next couple of days. It's cheaper there than anywhere else, and I also have a 40% off coupon for one item (not good on alcoholic beverages) which I can use to get some more Ben & Jerry's. A bit of luxury ice cream makes the summer a bit more tolerable.

I just noticed the time. Where did it go? I didn't even make an actual dinner tonight, just a ramen bowl, and yet hours have been consumed. Could it be that I have multiple personality disorder, and one of them has been out carousing without telling me about it? None of my clothing smells of cheap perfume, or Old Spice, or whisky, dogs, marijuana, or anything else that might indicate a party atmosphere. Wouldn't it be awful if I had multiple personalities and they all turned out to be as dull as I am? I don't think I could bear it. Probably best if I don't find out where that lost time goes.