rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nine, Day Six

My sleep schedule, such as it is, has definitely gone into split shift mode. Recent mornings I've only been able to sleep five or six hours, which means I get tired again in the afternoon or early evening and must nap for two or three hours. Sometimes both sleeps are a bit longer, but I still don't feel fully rested. The specific hours aren't predictable either, so it would be difficult to make plans of any sort, if this were a time when I could be planning anything.

Actually I ought to have planned something this week. I intended to arrange for a ride to the stores Friday, but couldn't get my act together on Thursday to do that, then I wanted to go Saturday but couldn't get my act together to make arrangements on Friday. I really must make those arrangements today, and hope it will be possible to go shopping on Sunday. Sunday is to be a 100 degree day. Better than Monday or Tuesday, at 106, or Wednesday and Thursday at 107. Sometime next week it should drop back into the mere nineties, but I should be in my coma by then.

The mockingbird and cricket are singing again tonight. The air has cooled down to a balmy 75 or so. It's nice to sit in the semi-darkness of the back yard listening to them, but it would be nicer if I could see some stars. I don't suppose I'll ever again live in a place where that will be possible, unless of course the power goes out.

Crap, look at the time. I need to try to sleep.

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