rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Nine, Day Five

Into the triple digit days today, and they'll run for more than a week. Thursday was the last merely double digit day for quite some time, and I barely survived it. It's supposed to get up to 106 here on Monday, with a low that night of 72. I'm sure it will get worse next month. I feel like crap already, and I'd say the odds of me surviving July are about the same as the odds that James Dean and Elvis will make a new movie together this year.

I still haven't arranged for a shopping trip, but I do have a partial list. Being unlikely to survive July means I won't have to buy as much stuff as I would otherwise, but I'm now out of both donuts and, as of later today, orange juice, and I discovered that the bottle of lemonade I bought last time I shopped, which was pink, is not pink lemonade at all but strawberry lemonade. I detest strawberry lemonade. It will have to be replaced. I use a mixture of lemonade and grapefruit juice as a substitute for orange juice, but not with strawberry in it.

The mockingbird is spending more time singing at might now. It must be because the days are too hot for it. The days certainly don't make me feel like singing. But then neither do the nights. That mockingbird is way more cheerful than I am. Though I am very slightly cheered tonight, as I heard an actual cricket chirping. He is some distance off, but unmistakable. It's nice of him to show up in advance of my funeral. Maybe he and the mockingbird can sing a duet for it. I doubt the budget for it will be sufficient to provide for a human musician.

The apartment should be cool enough for sleeping in shortly. A glass of lemonade would be nice right now. I'm really pissed off at myself for buying the wrong kind. I'd need new glasses for sure, if I were going to live longer.

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