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What a horrible time of day to be awake. Even more, what a horrible time of day to have been awake for eight hours. It's all because Sunday went pear shaped on me. Or maybe I went pear shaped on Sunday. That evening I had gone to the Goodwill store and bought several books (I haven't opened the bags since getting them home, but I remember getting copies of three books that I lost in the fire, one being the first part of the autobiography Mark Twain never actually wrote (long story) and two being novels by Frank Norris, The Octopus and McTeague.) When I got home I was unaccountably tired, so I flopped onto the bed and slept for about two hours. When I woke up I still felt very sleepy, so I re-napped, and though I woke a few times during the night I still felt tired each time, and went back to sleep. I finally got up around four o'clock in the morning.

After sleeping most of eight hours there was no way I could get to sleep again, even though I did still feel tired, so I got up and began my day. I intended to make a journal entry right way, but kept getting distracted by things like being hungry (from not having had dinner Sunday night) and outrageous things on the Internet, and now it's going on noon, and I'm just getting around to it. Actually I'm feeling sleepy again and nodded off in the chair in the back yard a while ago, so I might take another nap. I wonder if I'm becoming narcoleptic? I wonder if narcolepsy can be a symptom of the coronavirus?

I would also like a shower, but I don't want to fall asleep in the bathtub. That would be no fun at all. Maybe I'll make a more coherent journal entry later today, but one never knows, does one? I should also look at the other books I bought yesterday, since I can't remember what they were at all. My memory is crappier than ever. I you read about a senile delinquent wandering around Chico in slippers and pajama bottoms printed with the heads of cats wearing glasses, that's probably me. Otherwise I'm asleep. I hope this doesn't make tomorrow even more confusing than today.

Come to think of it, all times are horrible times of day to be awake. I hope I do get narcolepsy. And Keanu Reeves comes and looks after me. Although that didn't work out very well for River Phoenix, did it? Maybe Johnny Depp can come look after me. He seems more reliable somehow. He did a good job of looking after Leonardo DiCaprio, at least. I'm really tired now, and probably already dreaming. Hey, is that Jimmy Durante walking along the bike path singing "September Song"?

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