rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Eight

It began sprinkling not long after sunset Friday evening and has been drizzling ever since. I felt the first drops when I went out to the mailbox, and was surprised, as the prediction of rain had been all but withdrawn Thursday night. But then spring weather is never entirely predictable in these parts. I'm hoping that the predictions for the week after next are wrong, as highs above 100 are forecast every day from Monday through Friday, and the nights are all to be in the seventies. But maybe I'll get lucky and die this coming week.

At least today is supposed to be only 76, and tonight will drop all the way down into the fifties. Friday was not too bad, and would have been a good day to go to the store had I really needed anything. Instead I sat in the backyard for a while and listened to the birds sing, and came in to visit the Internets and to put on the pot of beans I made for dinner. They were pinto beans this time, which are not as good as pink beans, but they were all the stores had in stock last time I was in. They turned out okay (there's not much even a bad cook can do to screw up a pot of beans) and there is enough left over for another meal.

The market I most like to shop at didn't have anything worth going in for this week, so maybe next week. I'll definitely be running out of stuff then, so a trip somewhere will be essential. I didn't have to go to the bank this month because the stimulus check will cover my rent, with a bit left over. The only problem with the beans is that they are one of the foods that gives me indigestion, so I might have trouble sleeping tonight. I'm used to having trouble sleeping, though. That's what books are for.

As usual these days, there are no definite plans ahead. Just try to stay out of the heat, I guess. This year that might prove to be quite an accomplishment.

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