rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Five

Another vague day Tuesday, with nothing of much interest happening. Somehow I managed to keep myself sufficiently distracted by Internets and such that I didn't go berserk and march through the neighborhood with my shirt pulled over my head and shouting "I am the great Cornholio!" But I thought about it. I also remember watching a whole bunch of music videos again. Or did I just remember Beavis and Butthead watching a whole bunch of videos years ago? It's hard to tell sometimes.

It was hot, of course, and will get hot again today. I need to go to the big mailbox at some point, and wonder if maybe while I'm out I should go to the Goodwill store. It's the only store in town, as far as I know, where everybody is required to wear a mask, so probably safer than the others. But it's going to be 97 degrees today, which is a pretty big disincentive to walking very far. I might just hit the mailbox, which is on the opposite side of the shopping center from the Goodwill store, and return directly to the apartment.

The surprise in the forecast is a 50% chance of a thunderstorm Friday afternoon. It's also supposed to be only 78 degrees that day, which would be a nice change from the eighties and nineties we've been getting. The increasing temperatures might have something to do with my disarrayed sleep pattern too. Here I am I'm awake later again tonight. I can't seem to settle into a regular pattern of anything anymore, and the heat just makes it worse. June was usually not entirely awful in the mountains, but in the valley it's pretty bad. We didn't even get much of a breeze Tuesday evening.

Well my brain is totally flaking on me. I just stared at the screen in a trance for about five minutes. I'd better try to get to sleep. I'm not making sense anyway.

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