rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Four

Exhausted from doing nothing, I think. Anyway, very tired, though I didn't get up until quite late Monday afternoon. They are putting new roofing on the apartment house at the end of the block, and I watched that for a while. It was not very interesting. Nothing was very interesting, not even the birds that came into the yard, or the butterflies. I saw a few things on the Internet that I found amusing at the time but now I can't remember what they were. After midnight, I went outside for a few minutes to enjoy the cool air, and I heard what I took to be a hawk's cry. I listened for a while longer, but never heard it again. There was only the occasional car or truck passing along the freeway. I've spent the time since wishing I were asleep, so I'm going to go sleep now, if I'm not too tired. I'm pretty sure my brain has been entirely replaced by dust bunnies.

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