rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day Three

It seems like I'm barely even here tonight. I just spent about five hours watching music videos on YouTube. Now I can't remember most of them. I can't remember most of the day. It was Sunday, Wasn't it? Maybe I should have gone to the Goodwill store, even though they aren't having the tag sale days anymore. Even if I hadn't found any books to buy, at eat it would have given me something to remember the day by.

Actually now I do remember watering the back yard. The giant plants take up even more space than they did last year, and some of them are plants that weren't here then, and I didn't plant them. Must have been the birds. One of them has brought a few butterflies into the yard now and then, but I don't know which. I guess I'll leave them all, though it's getting hard to move around back there. Maybe I'll fall asleep in a chair one day and the plants will engulf and devour me. I can think of worse fates.

Back into the nineties today, and then eighties and nineties for the next two weeks, and probably beyond. If those plants are going to devour me I hope they do it soon. The less of this heat I have to deal with the better.

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