rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Eight, Day One

Back to the new normal routine, though I don't know for how long. Spent the whole day in the apartment Friday, except for a few minutes now and then in the back yard, and didn't even remember to check the mailbox. There probably isn't anything in it anyway, as the bills already came. It was only slightly cooler than recent days, but tonight has become deliciously chilly. I've been going outside wearing a tank top, and reveling in the shivers.

The moon might be full, but it's slightly overcast, and that along with my ever crappier eyesight has made the moon to blurry for to be sure of its shape. If it isn't full, it's very close to it. The sad news is that the prediction of rain today has been all but canceled, with the chances reduced to a mere 20%. Still, we might get lucky and have a shower or two, but right now it doesn't look like there will be enough clouds to do anything.

Although I had toyed with the idea of arranging a trip to one of the markets Friday, to use a couple of expiring store coupons I had, I found that they didn't have enough stuff I wanted on sale this week to justify the trip. Arranging it is a lot of bother, and my last visit was quite recent anyway. I actually haven't been feeling that good today in any case. My stomach has been queasy, and my un-adjusted neck is bothering me, so a shopping trip would have been extra unpleasant. Maybe I will go next week.

It's looking like I might actually get to sleep by four o'clock this morning. I've got almost an hour to wash the dishes and then read for a while. The fact that it's cooler tonight is helping. The hotter it gets the more I slow down, so being a few degrees cooler tonight it's like having an extra hour to do things. That will be over by the middle of the week, but for the next two or three days it should be pleasant enough. I might even recover from the last week before I start frying again.


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