rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Zeroed Again

The mockingbird is nearby, singing as the sky turns lighter. Somebody is happy to see Monday. I haven't even finished dealing with Sunday. The Sunday news is that I broke my isolation again, and went to the Goodwill store and bought three books. What I didn't do is get to Trader Joe's, or get my water bill mailed, both of which were on the agenda. I'll have to reschedule. There was also a fourth book on the shelf which I forgot to pick up, and even though I can't remember its name or who wrote it I am now thinking it was actually pretty important to me at the time I saw it. Maybe I should go back to get it.

It has occurred to me that the book shopping at the Goodwill store is a bit like playing a slot machine, though I've never actually done that. But I keep imagining that someday there will be a jackpot: say a whole stack of books I lost in the fire, or some that I've always wanted but never had. Now and then I get one or two books that fall into those categories, but mostly I find just a couple of things that look interesting. They are like small payoffs, just enough to keep me dropping nickles into the slot, Just in case that jackpot pays off today.

Sunday it was just one of those small payoffs. There is one of Paul Thereaux's travel books, The Patagonian Express, an illustrated edition of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, and a rather thin anthology of Victorian English poetry. I wish I could remember what the fourth book that I forgot to get was. I was somewhat handicapped by the fact that I got there only twenty minutes before closing time and felt rushed, and the fact that my ill fitting mask kept fogging up my glasses, aggravating my already poor eyesight.

Of course in the back of my mind was the awareness that the old slot machine has been replaced by anew model that can shoot a knife out and stab you to death, or at least damage you terribly. While it's just as frustrating as the old slot machine, its just not as much fun. Also they aren't doing tag sales now, so no half price bonus for going on Sunday. Still, I'll probably keep going and dropping coins into the slot. One good thing is that the Goodwill store has a mask required policy, and a big guy sitting out front who looks like he'd have no trouble enforcing it. It's the only store I've been in in Chico where everyone was wearing a mask. Plus I was actually the only customer in the book section, which was not usually the case before.

Later Sunday evening I felt tired and took a nap, but the nap got very long and I ended up sleeping until almost three o'clock Monday morning. I hadn't eaten any dinner either, so I microwaved something to devour in the dead of night. I'm sure this disruption has guaranteed a bizarre Monday. And I lost track of days and thought today would be the last day of May, and it's the first day of June, so surprise. Now I think I'll have a second beer and call it breakfast, then see if I can go back to sleep. Weirdness abounds.

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