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Reset Six, Day Six [May. 30th, 2020|04:00 am]
Past the peak of the heat, Friday was still sultry, but tonight it has cooled of nicely. We've actually gotten back down into the low sixties, and what a delight it is. The air conditioner is off, and might not be needed again until next Tuesday. Friday had hazy sky and gathering clouds, which grew thicker tonight, and there could be rain before morning. Rain later today is almost a certainty. There could also be thunderstorms, and the high is expected to be a mere 73. A wind has come up, and is probably blowing more clouds in. It's hard to tell from this place where the stars are washed out by the city lights.

My brain feels less muddled than it was during the peak of the heat, but is very tired. The hot spell exhausted me even more than such thins have in the past. It's so nice not to have the air conditioner running every few minutes. I don't even have the fan on. All I need to get the apartment cooled off is a couple of open windows. The soft breezes wafting in are wonderful.

I've been seriously considering going to the Goodwill store Sunday. This would probably be stupid, but their web site says they are requiring masks for all customers, and limiting the number of people allowed in the store at any given time. I should get a couple of things from CVS, and if I go Sunday I can stop by the Goodwill store just to see how busy it is. I keep thinking there could be one of those books I really want that isn't very common but not extremely rare, so that they will show up only once in a while and if I don't go look I'll miss it. Sunday is a tag sale day, too.

It's getting late. I have a couple of hot days worth of dishes that need washing, but I don't think I feel like doing them now. I made an avocado sandwich for dinner, with an avocado I forgot I had and French bread I'd also forgotten. The avocado was only partly edible, though it probably would have been very good had I remembered it Tuesday, and I also had to toss part of the bread which had gotten mold on it. This is the sort of thing that happens when the heat fries my brain. Anyway, the stuff has given me indigestion and I'm very tired and want to go to sleep before it gets worse, when it will keep me awake.

Rain soon, I hope.