rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Six, Day Three

My brain won't settle down enough to make sense. I don't know how I'll sleep tonight when it keeps nattering inanities at me. It's certainly making it difficult to put any coherent sentences together.

It was terribly hot Tuesday, and will be hotter today, and hotter still tomorrow. After that it's supposed to go back down into the eighties and nineties, except for Saturday, which could bring thundershowers and a high of only 72. As long as the power stays on and the apartment doesn't get flooded, that could be delightful.

It's down to about 75 degrees outside now, so I can open the windows and turn on the fan. I hate sleeping with the fan on. I always wake up feeling as though herds of tiny camels have been tracking fine sand through my nose and throat. Anticipating the months of heat that lie ahead is depressing. And this year I won't be able to go hang out in the air conditioned Goodwill store looking at books for an hour or two every day. Stupid virus. I guess I'll just spend the summer sulking in my apartment, envying Taiwan.

But at least I go the laundry done Tuesday. I won't have to go into that hot, tiny room on either of the two hottest days so far this year. And the third hottest day, when I did do that, is behind me. Thankful for small favors. And cold drinks full of ice cubes.

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