rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Six, Day Two

Night, descended on the emptying streets, fills every corner of the semi-demi-city, and is filled with the hum of air conditioners. The sky, bereft of stars, presses heat down to suffocate the world. I lie down and fall into a fitful sleep, and vague dreams of steaming rivers run through it. When I wake, midnight has passed but the heat remains. Outside, Venus hangs in the southern sky, the only celestial object bright enough to penetrate the electric haze. I'm too miserable to eat anything, but not to drink. Half a tray of ice cubes are now gone. Outside it has cooled down a bit, and the fan and the open windows will gradually cool the rooms, eventually making sleep easy again. For now the stupor remains, and the restlessness. The only respite is the tinkling of ice in the glass. Refill.

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