rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Five, Day 2b

Having been awake since before six o'clock Friday morning I might be getting overtired, which could make sleep difficult, so I'm making this entry short (I hope.) I've arranged for a ride to the stores on Saturday, so I can get a whole bunch of stuff for the next few weeks. I think my last trip to Safeway was on April 23, so it's going on a full month. I was able to stretch that bunch of purchases this long with only the brief excursions to Trader Joe's, Dollar Tree, and (twice) CVS, so maybe I can do that again. Last time I had to spread the big shopping over two days, but I hope I can avoid that this time and get it all done Saturday.

Something I keep forgetting to mention is that a few night ago I went out to the back yard and heard what I thought was a cricket chirping. I listened with delight as it chirped for several seconds, and then the song suddenly changed to a bird chirp. It was the mockingbird, out by night again. Perhaps it was just imitating some bird I'm unfamiliar with that sounds like a cricket, but if it was in fact doing a cricket imitations then it must have heard one somewhere, though it wasn't in my neighborhood as we are still cricketless this spring. A short while ago I was outside and heard the bird making the cricket sound again. I hope we get some real crickets this year. And the mockingbird doesn't eat them.

Anyway I need to get to sleep so I can get up early enough to take a shower before the apartment gets too warm. It didn't get really hot Friday until fairy late in the afternoon, but Saturday is supposed to get up to 85, and Friday was only about 78. I don't want to be turning on the air conditioner. If I do I'm bound to forget to turn it of before I leave to go shopping and then it will run the whole time I'm gone, cooling an empty apartment. Wasteful, and costly. I'd rather spend my money on donuts.

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