rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Four, Day Nine

Tuesday was dry except or a few sprinkles, but shortly after midnight a bit of rain began falling. I forgot to bring in my outdoor chair from the backyard, so it will have to dry out before I can use it in the morning. If I sleep late enough it won't be a problem. This time of year the sun reaches its spot after eleven o'clock, and it takes about half an hour to dry off so it would be nice to sleep until noon. I probably won't though. I've been waking up around ten lately.

The big excitement Tuesday was bringing the wheelie bin back from the street. The most relaxing thing was a concert of ten minutes or so by the mockingbird late in the afternoon. It didn't get too hot out, and sitting in the yard listening to the bird was pleasant. There won't be many more such pleasant afternoons before the terrible heat arrives. I'll be sulking in the air conditioned apartment with the blinds closed to keep out the fierce sun's glare.

One other interesting thing happened today. I ran across an article on the Internets about a radio station in Los Angeles which was just barely taking off when I lived there in the early 1980s. It later became the most popular station in the area, then a few years go went into decline, and is now attempting to regain its former position. I haven't kept up with popular music in recent years. I no longer have a radio, and since the fire don't even have MTV, so I don't really know what the kids are listening to these days. But the article had a list of the thirty songs most often played in this station's current rotation, so I decided to check some of them out on YouTube. I must say I do like several, and I'm going to link to one in particular that must be quite recent, as it has a pandemic theme. It's by a duo from Columbus, Ohio, called Twenty One Pilots, and it's called Level of Concern. The kids are alright.

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