rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Four, Day Eight

Monday was not as rainy as I'd expected, although a late afternoon thunderstorm was impressive. Unfortunately it started while I was at the stove working on something that couldn't be left alone, and when a sudden downpour began beating loudly on the roof I was unable to get to the door or window to see it. It lasted less than two minutes, and by the time I was able to leave the stove it had eased up considerably, though was still quite heavy. Still, it was a good thing it didn't last much longer, as that less than two minutes had brought enough rain to cover the back porch about half an inch deep. Had it lasted another five minutes it's likely the water would have come into the apartment.

Other than that one bit of excitement, and a glimpse of a rainbow when the storm was ending, the day was predictably dull. Sadly, a magazine was delivered and as I had not gone out to the mailbox before the storm hit it got soaked, thanks to the inappropriate flip-top mailboxes the boneheads who flipped this place had installed. Flipping idiots. The magazine will dry out eventually, but will forever be crinkly and will have many pages disfigured by patches of smeared ink.

But ruined magazine aside, I'll soon be missing the rain. Today's forecast is predicting a high of 100 degrees for May 27, and three days in the nineties leading up to it. Only a few mild days left, and then it looks like summer arriving too soon. The thought of it depresses me. Right now I'm going to go outside and sit in the chill night for a while before I sleep, just to store up a few memories for the long, hot days ahead.

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