rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Four, Day Seven

The rain was over by the time I woke up Sunday morning around eleven o'clock, and since then we've gotten only a few sprinkles. But we had at least nine hours of it from Saturday evening on. It was still drizzling when I finally got to sleep after three o'clock in the morning, and might have continued for a few hours more. It began sprinkling again a short time ago, and today's rain is predicted to be quite strong at times, with some thunderstorms expected through Monday evening.

A flash flood watch has been issued for most of the central north state, from Lake Shasta and Mount Lassen down to well south of Sacramento, and in all the Sierra foothill regions. It's a slow-moving storm, so there's a possibility a downpour could park over Chico and flood the place like it did once last spring. I'm hoping not. I've got way too much stuff I'd have to pick up off the floor and put... somewhere. I doubt all the books I've bought since then would fit on the bed, and the couch is already full of stuff. And if there are thunderstorms there could be power outages. As much as I like rain, I don't like floods or power outages.

Since the afternoon was dry, though gray, I considered making a quick run to CVS, where they have orange juice (it's very expensive there, but I have a 40% off coupon) and I could also pick up more beer and maybe an unhealthy snack or two, but I decided against it. The overcast sky looked quite threatening, and too many of the customers at the stores around here actually are a threat, though I gather there are many places where they are even worse than they are here in the Oklamento Valley.

It was a spicy ramen for dinner night, and I certainly hope they've got more on the shelves next time I get to a supermarket. My supply is dwindling. Soon there won't be much left but the regular bland ramen, and I've gotten used to the hotter stuff and will miss it if I can't get more.

Rain's coming down harder now. Maybe the sound of it will help me sleep. My neck is all creaky tonight, and giving me a headache, and that sometimes keeps me awake. I miss having cats to purr me to sleep, but rain can be a good substitute, as long as it stays of the bed.

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