rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Four, Day Two

Tuesday, Tuesday... nope, can't really remember it. Oh, wait, that's right. It was full of constant Internet and intermittent rain. I woke up too early again, but managed to get back to sleep after a while. I never did finish the book I was going to finish Monday night, but maybe I can do that tonight. My brain has been fuzzy for several hours. Fuzzier than usual. I keep picturing that fuzzy white mold that was growing on that muffin and imagining it growing inside my head.

Also I've sneezed a lot. That usually doesn't happen on rainy days, as the rain keeps the pollen down. There must be something else I'm allergic to. Maybe something else in here is moldy. But I am seriously as close to comatose as you can get and still be walking around. When I get up I think I'll give myself a larger dose of caffeine than I've been getting. There is coffee I can drink instead of iced tea. It may be time to bring that out.

A bit more rain is possible later today. There are to be a couple of coolish days, than a couple of very warm days, and then on Sunday and Monday more rain is likely. I should be making plans to get to a store since I am almost out of orange juice again, and entirely out of donuts. Somehow I just don't seem to have the energy to even plan right now, though. Maybe energy will appear later in the week, before the rain comes back. But probably not.

Right now I still have dishes to wash. The last couple of nights I've ended up crashing before I've gotten around to them, so there are a lot. I really want them out of my way, so tonight I'll get them done even if I have to do them in my sleep. Damn, determination is exhausting.

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