rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Four (sigh) Day One (sigh)

The rain began as predicted on Monday afternoon, and continued off and on for several hours, well into the evening. It never got very heavy, and is not falling now. The wet roads led to a traffic accident on the freeway about half a mile from here, but I didn't hear it. I found out about it on the CHP's Farcebook page. Nobody is dead, but a couple of people were taken to the hospital where they will undoubtedly catch the coronavirus and die later. Or maybe not.

The day started a bit rough. I woke up and saw only gray light seeping around the window blinds, and thought it must be late morning and the clouds dimming the sky, but when I got up and looked out the sun was visible in the east, and the sky still was pale blue. I checked the clock in the kitchen and it was not even eight o'clock yet. As that was much too early, I went back to bed and managed to get back to sleep after about half an hour of worrying. I finally got up around 11:30, and by then it had gotten fairly cloudy, and I felt better. It was nice to see a cool gray day after the recent heat wave.

The rest of the day was quiet. I did get damp taking the wheelie bin out to the street, but not soaked. I was going to eat my last chocolate muffin, but it had sat too long and was growing mold, so I ate the last bran muffin instead. Tomorrow Today I will have the last of the donuts for breakfast, and after that I'll have to start in on the cookies, unless I can get more donuts. For dinner I had some frozen cod sticks I bought some time ago. They were not too bad, but there were too many in the package. I have another package but next time I'll split it into two meals. I also heated some frozen french fries to go with the fish, but they tasted a bit odd. I don't know if they were too old or if I didn't leave them in the oven long enough or what, but I just opened the package, so that could be bad news.

A bit of rain is expected again this afternoon, and rain for Wednesday is back on, plus more rain is possible next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It might be arriving late, but it looks like spring is going to happen this year after all. I hope I feel well enough to enjoy it. Right now I'm a bit queasy, and I don't know if it was too many fish fingers, bad french fries, or maybe there was mold on that bran muffin but not enough to be seen yet. Anyway, I'm tired, too, and need to wash the fish-related dishes and go to bed. I hope to finish the book I've been reading for the last few days tonight. There are three dead guys in it and I'm eager to find out who killed them. If I end up dead tomorrow, blame the fish. Or the french fries. Or the muffin mold.

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