rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Three, Day Two

How distracted I must be to have forgotten to turn on the fan and open the windows this evening! I'm now sitting in 79-degree air, when it could have been down to 72 or so by now. But my fried brain must like being fried. It wants more frying. The rest of me, though, is not happy. It is pissed off at that brain for not remembering to turn the fan on earlier in the evening. I'm so pissed off at that brain myself that if I didn't need it to write this entry I'd probably disown it and kick it out of the apartment right now. In fact I might actually do that as soon as the entry is posted. I'm getting very little use out of it anymore anyway. If I don't show up here again it will probably be because I've exiled my brain and will spend the rest of my life as a happy vegetable.

Friday the mockingbird only sang briefly again, but I think I've discovered why. It has been singing every time I've gone outdoors tonight. It must hate the hot days very much. It might help that the moon is still very near full, and is quite bright tonight. Cool air and soft light seem to me like ideal conditions for avian happiness. I wonder that more birds don't become nocturnal. There are plenty of flying insects out at night, too, so no trouble for a bird with decent night vision to grab some convenient snacks.

At the moment I wouldn't mind a snack myself. I made ramen for dinner again, and it's wearing off. I plan to have a bit of chocolate in a while, but maybe I should eat something else first. If I'm too peckish I might eat more of the chocolate than I'd planned. My bananas aren't ripe yet or I'd have one of those. I'm sure I'll find something though.

Rain is still predicted for Monday and Tuesday, but probably a bit less of it. Wednesday is now only tentative, at 20%. It will be very disappointing, though not very surprising, if this rain fizzles out. But there is now also a forecast of rain a week from Sunday, and perhaps more the next day. Spring may be turning very strange. Or stranger than it already was. I'm okay with that, as long as it's not strangely hot anymore. Anything that puts summer off for as long as possible is fine. Withing reason, of course. I don't want another of those floods we had last spring. I've got too many books piled up on the floor now.

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