rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Three, Day One

Back to boring safety, and it seems more boring than ever. As I'm going to need to go to Dollar Tree eventually to get more bath soap (if they have any) and facial tissues (if they have any) I almost decided to do that today (Thursday) but the heat discouraged me even more than the prospect of venturing into the petri dish again did. It won't cool off much until next week, and next Monday and Tuesday rain might keep me in. Maybe I'll go next Wednesday.

The rain forecast is actually getting better. It's up to a 70 chance of showers Monday afternoon, and an 89% chance of rain Tuesday, and then a 40% chance of showers Wednesday morning. Tuesday is supposed to have a high of only 66, and then drop down to a low of 52 that night. It's a good thing I didn't pit the electric blanket back into the closet yet, as it looks like I'll be needing it. The furnace will probably have to run a bit too. It could be like a little afterburp of winter.

Thursday wasn't anything like winter. I didn't spend very much time sitting in the back yard even after it got shady, as the heat was unpleasant. The people who moved in nest door have installed a large red umbrella in their back yard, where the previous tenant had that more substantial device with four metal legs supporting a tent-like canvas roof. That device got buffeted around pretty badly by the wind a few times. I'm expecting that the red umbrella might actually go flying away. Maybe it will land in my part of the yard. Of course it might be attached to a table of some sort that would hold it down. I can't see over the fence, so I don't know.

The mockingbird did some singing today, though I didn't stay out in the heat to listen, and it wasn't very near anyway. It probably found a shadier spot to hang out in, somewhere down the trail. The trail is getting busier again. I heard quite a few people passing along it today, some on bikes and some on foot. I'm probably within ten feet of more people over the course of an afternoon when I just sit in my back yard than when I go to a store. But they are not visible to me, just disembodied voices and footsteps. I sometimes wish the apartment had a second floor with a balcony, so I could watch the activity on the trail instead of just hearing it. But that would probably spoil the mystery. Plus I would surely end up falling down the stairs and lay there for days until I finally died in misery from dehydration. Maybe I should just get a periscope.

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