rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Day Zero Zero Zero B

My diet is a catastrophe these days. I didn't feel like cooking again Wednesday night, but I had a can of soft Mexican cheese and a bag of chile verde flavored chips, so I made bogus nachos and dipped them in sour cream that needed to be finished off before it went bad. It was tasty, but not particularly nourishing I'm sure, and my stomach is regretting it. I'll try to eat something more sensible tomorrow.

Wednesday afternoon I managed to rouse myself to get out again, and went to Trader Joe's to get some fresh milk and a few other items. I was going to get a half pint of whipping cream, as I was planning to bake that frozen pumpkin pie that's been sitting in my freezer for a couple of months, but they were sold out. It seems and odd thing to run out of in a pandemic, but there you go. The refrigerated shelves were loaded with various non-dairy creamers, and they even had plenty of half-and-half, but no whipping cream. I guess I'll let the pie sit some more.

But I did get the milk, and a couple of bananas, and a package of tortillas, and another giant chocolate bar, and a fresh package of celery. They were out of tomatoes, alas, and the avocados were too expensive. I'd have looked for other stuff, but again I was eager to get out of the place. There were several unmasked customers, but mostly young couples rather than middle aged guys. A different breed of assholes at Trader Joe's: smug, spoiled, mini-metropolitan yuppie millennials.

The splattering goods store wasn't as busy as it had been the day before, so I didn't have to deal with a crowd while passing by it. I found a thing on the Internet today that said the governor had just lifted the restrictions on sporting goods store this week, so that's probably why it was so busy Tuesday.

Today it's supposed to start getting very hot again. The nocturnal air is quite pleasant for the time being, but still full of whatever has been making me sneeze all day. I suppose that will be even worse during the hot spell. I'm quite looking forward to some rain, which the current forecast now says should arrive Monday afternoon, if it arrives at all. The chances are only 50%, and it's only supposed to be showers, not proper rain, but at this point I'll take what I can get. I do hope we get some.

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