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Reset the Second, Day the Tenth [May. 5th, 2020|02:27 am]
Looking back, Monday just zipped by, though at the time it seemed to drag. That's pretty much what most days are like now: monotony, soon forgotten. I frequently look for snacks, then decide not to eat any since none of them except the terribly unhealthy ones appeal to me. Since I didn't snack, I had dinner at a decent hour, but since I unintentionally caused the corned beef I'd have eaten tonight to spoil I had to eat a can of chili beans, and now I have indigestion. I hope it doesn't keep me awake. I have no antacids on hand, but I ate a tablespoon of almond flour, which sometimes helps.

It may be that I'll have to go to CVS to get some dish washing liquid, which I'm almost out of. I'm not sure they'll have any. Safeway was out of all but the really unpleasant stuff the peels the skin off my hands last time I was there. But if I go to CVS, even if they don't have the dish washing liquid they might have the very hot snack I like (though I've forgotten the name I'm sure i'll recognize the package) and might also have the cookies I like, and they'll almost certainly have the beer I want. I hate breaking off my isolation again so soon, but I'll have nothing to wash dishes with in just a few days, and CVS has sent me a 40% off coupon, so that's like a sign, right? And when should one indulge in magical thinking if not in the midst of a pandemic, right? Right.

Four days in a row of 90+ degrees coming up starting Thursday, but highs in the seventies predicted for next week, Tuesday and Wednesday, plus a 40% chance of showers that Tuesday. I'm not expecting the rain to actually materialize, but it would be so nice if it did, especially after that heat I am so not going to enjoy. But it's fairly cool tonight, and it's down to 31 degrees in here, so I can turn of the fan in half an hour or so. I'll be happy to be rid of its draft.

But things to do. Even with a timely dinner I let the dishes languish, and now must wash them again before I can sleep. Act=not together.