rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset the Second, Day the Ninth

It took me a few minutes to remember what I ate for dinner Sunday night. I'm shedding brain cells like a Covid-19 patient shedding virus. It was some stovetop ramen, with the last of the mushrooms and almost the last of the carrots and half a zucchini. Because I left this weeks chunk of meat out overnight and don't dare eat any more of it, I have to find substitute proteins until I can get to a store again. I've got a package of protein powder made from legumes that I can add to a few things, and there are still some almonds and some almond flour, and a jar of dry roasted peanuts if I can remember where I put it, and I've got some frozen fish that I was going to save for next week, and I've got a few eggs. Maybe I can go to a store sooner than I'd planned and get something more substantial. Otherwise I'm going to end up eating an awful lot of peanut butter.

I'm a bit disappointed at the comet Atlas which was expected to be visible to the naked eye by late April. Instead, it broke into pieces as it approached the sun. I had forgotten to go look for it, and just remembered it tonight, so I Googled to find out what was going on with it, and discovered its fate. I actually feel a stronger attachment to it now that it has disintegrated, even though I never saw it, since we have more in common now.

Then, just as Atlas was beginning to fall apart, an astronomer in Australia discovered another comet, which is called Swan. So far it is only visible in the Southern hemisphere, and only with a telescope or strong binoculars. But there's a possibility that it could turn out to be bright enough to see with the naked eye. But it won't be visible from the northern hemisphere until late June, and by then it can be expected to be fading. I'm not expecting too much from it, having just been disappointed by its predecessor, but here is an article with more about comet Atlas and a bit about comet Swan.

I'm expecting to be in the apartment again all day tomorrow, but I might do some laundry if nobody else has nabbed the facility. Sunday was a bit cooler than recent days, but today will be warming up again, and by Friday we will be getting a high dangerously close to 100 degrees. That might be the day I have to start using the air conditioner. I'm not happy about it. The laundry room has no air conditioning, so I really want to get my stuff washed before the big heat arrives. Even a few minutes out there on a hot day can be horrendous, as I found out last summer.

Once again I've left the dishes sit and now must wash them before I can go to sleep. I'm sure there's something else I've forgotten to do, too, but I won't remember it until I'm comfortably ensconced in bed and nodding off. If so, I'll just put it off until tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be on the verge of unconsciousness in about thirty minutes. There's just enough energy left to get the kitchen cleaned up and no more. I doubt I'll even be able to read anything tonight. But today is another day, right?

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