rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset the Second, Day the Third

The Safeway chocolate muffin I ate today was very good. It was almost like an un-frosted cupcake, though it had chocolate chips in it which made up for the lack of frosting. And as it was a Safeway muffin, it's probably a good thing that it was un-frosted, since anything frosted from Safeway tends to be sickeningly sweet. This is why I can't stand their otherwise enjoyable donuts: the frosting is revolting. But the muffin, excellent. I got a package of four, and next time I eat one I intend to have un-sweetneed chocolate milk with it, which will make a nice contrast with the just-sweet-enough muffin.

But I woke up much too early today. Now I'm running on empty, and because I ate the muffin rather late in the afternoon I have not yet gotten hungry enough to eat dinner. Last night I just microwaved a big bowl of ramen for dinner. It was called the Nissin Souper Meal, and was quite tasty and probably loaded with unhealthy sodium. I regret that I only bought one, but that was because Safeway had only one remaining on the shelf. They were on sale and I'd hoped to buy half a dozen, but it appears that Chico is full of people who hate to cook as much as I do, and they too were stocking up. Most likely someone came by moments later and was disappointed to find that there were none left. I got the last one. I enjoyed it. I'm a real bastard.

This evening I took the wheelie bin out to the street for tomorrow's trash pickup, and was astonished at how hot it still was outside. This was after six o'clock. I walked in my shirtsleeves a total of less than 400 feet and was sweaty by the time I got back into the apartment. It hadn't felt that hot when I'd been sitting in the shady back yard, but walking along the unshaded driveway was awful. And it's supposed to be hotter tomorrow. The apartment itself only got up to 78 degrees this evening, and is now being cooled by the HVAC fan and some open windows, as the nights are still reasonably cool (down to 73 outside right now, heading for 62.) But I have the feeling that I'll be needing the air conditioner all too soon this year.

I've been very good so far about not drinking all my beer despite the enticingly hot weather. I did pour myself a rum and Coke this afternoon to go with lunch, and I now have only eight small cans of Coke left, though I do have a two-liter bottle of Squirt chilling in the refrigerator. Rum and Squirt is not half bad, even though the Andrews Sisters never sang about it. I guess it wouldn't have scanned as well as Coca Cola.

My mockingbird was rather subdued today, and finished singing by early afternoon. It might have been too hot. The small brown birds were scarce later in the day, too. The long summer days coming are going to be pretty dull if I have no birds for company. The days are already pretty dull even with the birds. I really miss going out whenever I please. I had no idea it was such a luxury.

I might be able to eat dinner now, if I can keep my eyes open long enough to cook it. My guess is that tomorrow morning the sink will still have dirty dishes in it. It's easy to be a kitchen slacker when you live alone. Alas.

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