rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Zero Zero

After a second busy day in a row out and about, I needed a nap, so I went to sleep around nine o'clock Friday evening. I woke up a couple of times with cramps in my leg, but after walking them off I still felt tired so went back to sleep. Then about three o'clock in the morning I got a much wore cramp, which refused to be walked off, so I had to stay up. The leg is no longer cramped but is still sore as hell, so I'm starting to think these might not be ordinary cramps. I should probably see a doctor about them, but the doctors are all pretty busy right now, and I really on't want to be going anywhere near a hospital.

At least the shopping is done for now, and I have pretty much everything I'll need (except a couple of things I forgot, but can work around) if not everything I want (though I managed to find substitutes for several of those.) I even bought extra donuts, and will now discover how they hold up in the refrigerator. I haven't totaled everything up yet, but it was quite a bit of money I spent over the last two days. I'm hoping it will last me at least three weeks.

So it's already April 25. Strange how April seemed to drag while it was happening, but in retrospect seems to have flown by. Monotony and anxiety make a weird combination. And more weirdness surely lies ahead. Today is bound to be weird, given my sleep schedule. I'm still tired and want to go back to sleep, but I'm afraid my leg will cramp up again when I lie down, and might be even worse next time. There's still some strange stuff going on in it right now.

The mockingbird was singing when I went out just after three o'clock this morning. It was singing again in the hour before dawn. That's pretty weird, too.

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