rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Twenty-six

Despite the afternoons getting a bit too hot, the weather has really been quite gorgeous the last few days. Wednesday found Taylor the lizard out sunning on the wall, sharing the back yard with the small brown birds, and the mockingbird, frequently in full voice, provided a pleasing and various musical score. Part of the evening I opened the back window, but although the cool evening the breezes brought was nice, the freeway is still too noisy, which I find distracting, so I soon closed it. Instead, I turned the HVAC fab on for a while to help cool the place off. It doesn't sound so good either, and make more of a draft than a breeze, so I soon turned that off too. It might be late enough now that I could reopen the window without too much distraction from traffic, which dies down quite a bit after midnight.

Thursday is my banking and shopping day, and I spent quite a bit of time making lists to take to the stores. I hope to get in and out quickly, but as I must go to multiple places it is still likely to take quite a while to get it all done. While there are not as many decent sale items as there were the week before last, there are enough to cut my expenditures more than would have been possible last week. I'll even be able to pick up a couple of bargain luxury (for me) items with some of the savings. I do wish I could have gotten hold of a better mask than the one I cut from a sock, which looks rather ridiculous and is rather uncomfortable, but like everyone else I got caught flat-footed (see what I did there? Sock? flat-footed?)

I'm hoping there will be enough time to get everything I want from all the stores, and they aren't out of anything crucial. Since I haven't been out in over three weeks I don't know what the condition there are. I've heard of spot shortages of various popular items, and some of the things I want are probably popular, but I've built a bit of redundancy into the lists, so if one thing is unavailable I can substitute something else. A few thing are not really substitutable, though.

But if I'm going to get up early enough I should start winding down now. It take a while to get my brain calmed these days, plus I still have some dishes to wash. The anticipation of going out has heightened my anxiety level, and I really want to get to sleep before four o'clock in the morning, which is not always an easy task. I'm going to try reading a boring book. Or I could drink a slug of rum, though that might make waking up tomorrow unpleasant. I'd better just stick to the boring book.

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