rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Twenty-five

I kept forgetting to do this, and now it's very late and my brain has grown fuzzy. Fuzzier. For the second night in a row I let the cellphone battery drain to zero and had to recharge to get my Internet connection back. All day I was fairly muddled and kept making mistakes. I cooked an artichoke but lost track of the time and, fearing to leave it in the pot too long I ended up taking it out too early, and then had to put it back in to finish cooking. It was a very good artichoke, though, once I got it properly cooked.

Later I went out to bring in the wheelie bin and noticed on the way to the street that I had mail, but then forgot to pick it up on my way back and had to go back out. By the time I remembered, I had already changed back into my comfy pajama bottoms and slippers, so I had to put my street pants and shoes back on to go out. Little annoying things like that happened all day long. This is what happens when your brain dies before you do.

The artichoke was supposed to be just an afternoon snack in lieu of lunch, but I ate it rather late and then wasn't hungry for dinner, so I ended up snacking more— some almonds, and some chips, and some cookies, and some ice cream, and a couple of other things— so dinner ended up being pointless. I finally just fixed a small bowl of popcorn. Considering how things have been going I expected to break a tooth, but that didn't happen. My luck must be changing!

Arrangements have been made to do the banking and shopping Thursday. I hope I can get my act together in time to actually do it. I've run out of the lemonade I was using to make substitute orange juice by adding a bit of it to grapefruit juice. For the next two days it will be grapefruit juice alone, which is really too sour to be drinking unmixed. Three weeks plus is clearly too long to go between shopping trips.

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