rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Twenty-three

Monday was about as dull as I'd expected it to be. I did see Taylor the lizard, and heard the mockingbird quite a bit, from the warm morning to the balmy afternoon and the mild evening, but nothing very out of the ordinary happened. I ate dinner at dinnertime, which I guess is a little bit out of the ordinary, and then I was delayed in taking the wheelie bin out to the street because somebody had parked a car in the spot where out bins go. When I finally put it out I saw the orange cat who used to hang around here but hasn't been seen in a few weeks. Then I got the latest issue of Wired in the mail. I guess that adds up to a full day in these boring times.

The weather forecasts are starting to get scary. It's supposed to hit 80 degrees today, 82 on Wednesday, and then keep going up bit by bit until next Tuesday it will get into the nineties. In April! Fortunately the nights are expected to remain fairly cool, in the high fifties and low sixties, but that could change. I do hope I don't have to start using the air conditioner this month. Being stuck in the apartment on mild days is bad enough, but being stuck and having the noisy air conditioner running too is even worse.

I haven't yet made arrangements to go banking and shopping this week, but I fear it must be done. The new ads for the stores come out Wednesday, an I might want that to be the day I go. I'll need to buy a bunch of stuff whether its on sale or not, but I'm hoping at lat some of the things I need will actually be on sale this week. But I need to get my sleeping hours better arranged by then. I didn't get to sleep until after four o'clock a couple of times lately, and then gotten up around noon.

It's actually quite late now, and it's probably going to take close to an hour or me to calm down enough to sleep. At least I won't need to use the electric blanket tonight. It's seventy in here right now, and unlikely to drop below sixty eight since I won't be leaving the windows open. I'd never wake up in time to close them before the day's heat started coming in. Then I'd be melting, melting! Oh, what a world!

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