rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Twenty

Again I've lost track of the days. I kept thinking it was Saturday all day, but it was Friday, and now that Saturday has actually arrived some part of my brain still thinks it's Sunday already. But then there are probably parts of my brain that think it's still 1972, though I no longer pay attention to those parts. They are lost in the general untidiness. Not knowing what day today is, though, that's a problem. How will I know what I'm missing by being stuck in this apartment if I don't know what day it is?

One good thing did happen today, which is that I finally saw Taylor the lizard again. The little beast came out to sun itself on the wall, and was there for several minutes before scampering of into the burgeoning green mass that is the creeper vine of indeterminate species. There are also several varieties of weed growing, and I have no idea what they are, but that mystery creeper tends to dominate the scene. The new tenants next door hacked off the tendrils that grew their way into their back yard. I probably ought to do the same. I'm quite sure that plant has malevolent intentions. It may well strangle me in my sleep some day. Every time I see how much it has grown in a day I find myself thinking of Little Shop of Horrors and Day of the Triffids.

The mockingbird also spent some time singing for me early n the afternoon, but was driven off for a while by noisy people on the bike trail. Later it returned and sang for a while as night was falling. In the meantime the sunny day had clouded up and turned mostly gray. But an odd thing also happened this afternoon. A large flock of geese flew over, in broad daylight. Geese and other migrating waterfowl do most of their travel by night, and if I see them around here it is near dusk. Plus I had thought that they had all departed some time ago. Why this flock lingered so long I will probably never know, but seeing them in April and at that time of day was a bit weird. I wonder if I will dream about them? If I do, I probably won't remember the dream.

As there are no decent sale items at the stores this week I've been wondering if maybe I should put off going until Wednesday or later, after the new ads come out. Odds are there won't be anything good next week either, but there's always that chance. I'm still wishing I'd gone last Monday. Then I wouldn't be running out of so many things now. If I wait until Wednesday I'll have gone without key elements of my dietary routine for a distressingly long time. Of course I could just put on my big boy old geezer pants and walk down to Grocery Outlet or over to Trader Joe's and get a few of those things.

The fact is that I've gotten very gun shy about going out. The fact that I had a fairly bad cold in late December and an even worse one in February is pretty strong evidence that my immune system is pretty crappy these days. I am, in short a sitting duck. That's the main reason I didn't go shopping last Monday, and why I'm not anticipating my next shopping trip, even with a ride there and back, with any great joy. While it's been likely for quite some time that, given my general condition, I'll be dead in a couple of years anyway, I've pictured my demise as being more of an individual event, not part of a freaking pandemic. I just hate being a fad-follower. I do not love a parade— especially one that's headed for the graveyard.

Crap, look how late it is. I'm going to eat some of my substitute chocolate (since I'm out of the stuff I like best) and read myself to sleep. Maybe I can wake up by noon, miss my orange juice and my donut and iced tea, and get my day's worrying started at a decent hour.

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