rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Nineteen

Today I checked the supermarket ads and I'm really regretting not getting my ass in gear and going shopping last week. There were several good deals then, and this week next to nothing. But I'll have to go, or get something brought to me, as I'm out of several essential items now. I mean they are essential tome, though they might not be to most people. I've managed to endure without breakfast donuts because I've had cookies, which are inferior but adequate, but now they are running out.

And I have no idea how I will even wake up each day after tomorrow, which is when I will drink the last of my orange juice. I'm convinced that orange juice is what signals my brain to start functioning, insofar as it does function, and I can easily see myself in a virtually comatose state all day starting Saturday morning. I will be a citrus-free zombie. Other people might make do with coffee, but I need orange juice. And speaking of coffee, though I'll still have a bit of that I will run out of pre-brewed tea Saturday, too. I have tea bags, but the stuff I make with them just doesn't work for me, and the coffee is not a good substitute.

There is an unfamiliar fragrance in the air tonight, sort of citrusy, and I think it must be from some plant that is blooming nearby. It might be the same plant that is making my nose run, but I'm not sure. Whatever plant it is (if it is a plant) I can't see it from here, so I have no idea what it looks like. I still have no idea what the plants growing in the back yard are. I spent all those years learning what plants I had in Paradise and then they went and burned up. Now I'm a horticultural ignoramus again. The only plants I have that I can identify are the onion I lately finally planted, and the jade plant in its little pot, and I'm pretty sure the jade plant is dying. The onion isn't looking too healthy either.

The mockingbird was here a few times today, but Taylor the lizard is still missing. The small brown birds continue to make themselves at home, pecking something edible from the dirt in the back yard and getting sips of water from the garden hose. I still hear people passing along the bike trail the other side of the fence now and then. Today one of them was having an argument with somebody on his cellphone (I assume— he might have been arguing with an invisible companion, but I'd never know since I can't see either over or through that fence.) It's a bit disconcerting to hear things going on nearby that I can't see.

If I go shopping it probably won't be tomorrow, since I've made no arrangements for transportation. I do need to do some banking business, so the next window of opportunity will be Monday. I'll have been out of orange juice for quite some time by then, so might actually be dead. That would render the whole issue moot, of course. But if I die I will miss the eighty-degree days coming up next week, so that would be nice, although being dead I wouldn't know that it was nice. This is why I can't have nice things! Stupid material world.

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