rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Seventeen

Eating leftover lasagna. Well, I was, it's gone now. The last couple of hours I've spent woolgathering and mucking about on the Internets. This does not appear to be accomplishing anything. I'm forgetting Tuesday with astonishing rapidity. This is likely because Tuesday was so much like other recent days. They are all blending together. One thing I do know happened on Tuesday is that I remembered to bring the wheelie bin in from the street. While this was not much of an accomplishment, it was something. I'll try to do better today, though I don't expect very much. I'm feeling oddly loopy. I should drink something so I'll have an excuse for it. Te sun isn't up yet, so I'll still be drinking yesterday. That can't have any effect today, can it?
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