rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Sixteen

So I didn't go out today. The banking is not done, the shopping is not done, the rent check is not mailed. As late as it is, dinner is not eaten and my shower is not taken. I have, in short, totally flaked. Well, not totally maybe, since I did manage to get the wheelie bin out to the street for the trash guy to empty in the morning. We still have trash collection, which is nice, though if I don't get to the store soon I will have less trash to put out. Maybe my survivors can just dump my cadaver into the wheelie bin, so the trash guy will still have something to pick up and won't lose his job. Assuming I have any survivors.

No, I'm not in a cheerful mood. My neck has gone seriously out of joint and I've gotten a serious headache from it. At least I hope that's what is causing the headache. But when will (or is it shall?) I ever find a chiropractor to put it right? In lieu of a chiropractor (or dinner) I am eating some popcorn drenched in butter. The sort of comfort food that gets your computer keyboard greasy, but if it lifts my mood it's totally worth some slippery keys. I'm missing the little shaker of popcorn salt that burned up in Paradise. I haven't been able to find any since I got to Chico.

There were a few minutes of mockingbird song this afternoon, though I didn't wake up early enough to hear much of it. I'm pretty sure the bird sings more in the morning. I don't sing at all, though I still like to listen to music. I listened to this a few times today. I had a CD of this album. It burned up along with my popcorn salt, and everything else.

So Tuesday. It's supposed to get up to 79 degrees here today. My thermostat says that it's 72 in the apartment right now. It's likely to get unpleasantly hot in here pretty early in the day. I think I"m going to go take that shower now, even as late as it is. The shower head is still broken, and doesn't make a proper stream, but this is no time of the age to be getting a plumber in. Anyway, the water is still wet, which is the main thing. If it was a proper spray I'd probably stand under it too long anyway.

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