rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Reset Day Thirteen

Tonight I'm a bit less morose than I've been lately, probably due to the fact that I baked a frozen lasagna for dinner, and still had a bolillo roll, with half of which I made garlic toast. It was a large lasagna, so I've got two more servings in the refrigerator for later meals, but only the other half of the bolillo for garlic toast. I'm thinking about going out Monday for groceries and to do some banking.

The banking is not essential yet, but it would be nice to have it out of the way, and the store nearby has a few good items on sale this week, though the prices of things I need that are not on sale are higher than they are at the other stores. I could take the risk of hitting the store across the street from that one as well. That store has pretty good bolillos.

Friday afternoon grew quite balmy, and in the evening when I checked the mailbox the air was very pleasant. It would have been such a nice evening to go for a walk. Had I not had that lasagna to look forward to I think the loss of such an opportunity would have left me depressed. But the lasagna was there, and did not fail me. Unfortunately, it is also not failing to give me the usual acid indigestion that anything with cooked tomato sauce on it does. I'm going to have to take something for that.

The long lack of any chiropractic adjustments is starting to tell on me. Not only are my low-grade headaches coming on more often, but now I've got an ache around a particular vertebra about a third of the way down my back which has periodically given me trouble for years now... no, decades. Most likely I'll just have to put up with both for quite some time. Conditions for finding another chiropractor are not currently good.

Oh, and I got a paper census form in the mail today. It is for the second number they sent to my address, and the form has a third variation of the address, so I guess I'm lucky I didn't get three numbers from them to begin with. I forgot to call them and let them know I'd used on of the numbers to fill out the online form and that they need not send a paper form for the other, since there is (as far as I know) only one of me here. I'll try to remember to do that Monday. If I also go to the store then, Monday will be the busiest day I've had in a long time.

Thirteen days I've been home this time, one day more than last time. How tedious. And no mockingbird visit today. Maybe it's waiting for an engraved invitation.

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